Battle Cats Update!

Battle Cats Update – What’s new? Check out here!

Battle Cats is a game that rides all out hearts and we can never get enough of it. Recently, a new update rolled out and this new update has got some new features that you would like to know.

The recent update was done on March 6th, 2018. We will be listing What’s new below.

Battle Cats Update – What’s new?

Here are the things that are new and you might want to read it.

  • New True Forms
  • New Stories of Legend Map – SingularityVille
  • User Rank info Added
  • New User Rank Rewards
  • Current Storage/Storage Limit added to Catfruit Storage
  • Bug Fixes

Let’s now talk more about these new options and functions that the new Battle Cats Update has for us.

New True Forms

With this update, certain Uber Rare and Rare Cats can now be transformed to another Third Form, i.e., New Third Forms have been added by the developers for some of the Rare and Uber Rare cats. This makes the game more exciting and fun to play!

New Stories of Legend Map – SingularityVille

This is self-explanatory. New stories added to the Legend Map that we all like to play! Along with that, 2-Star stages added to Blizzard Boulevard, 3-Star stages added to Beyond the Savannah, 4-Star Stages added to Shadow Cosmopolis.

This is something we’ve been waiting for and the developers have heard what we want! The new stages and stories of the maps are amazing and everyone’s going crazy about it!

User Rank Info Added

You can now check the Rank Info of other players. All you have to do is click the “i” button near the User Rank and you will see the Rank info of that user. Now you can know more about your friends’ Rank info on the go!

User Rank Rewards

As you upgrade, your rank increases. As you play more and more, you advance and gain more and more points and hence your rank increases. Guess what? You will be rewarded now as you gain rank. Get rewarded to play more and more. H*ll yes!

Current Storage/Storage Limit Added to Cat Fruit Storage

The Cat Fruit storage has the representation of “Current Storage/Storage Limit” so you can know how much of the storage is full and how much more you can store in the storage. This improves the usability and makes it easier for us, the users, to interact and know about the storage.

Other than these features, all the old bugs were fixed (obviously all those that the developers knew about) and they will keep fixing the upcoming bugs that they find. Also, if you get any bug, you can always report it to the developers and get it fixed!

These were all the new features. You can get your game updated by visiting the Play Store/Apple Store and clicking the Update button. Stay tuned for more updates and more upcoming fun! Have a good day playing Battle Cats! 😀