How to Hack Battle Cats? Free Cat Food and XP!

Want to know How to Hack Battle Cats so you can add free resources like Cat Food and XP to your account? Well, we got you covered! Our developers have coded such a Hack Tool which lets you add unlimited Cat Food and XP to any Battle Cats Account any number of times!

You must be thinking how can you get to it, how to use that tool, how to Hack Battle Cats using that tool? The answers to all the questions are below. Keep reading!

In this post, I will talk about the way to hack the well-known game Battle Cats. The game was launched in 2012 in the English Language for iOS and Android. It has been in the Gaming Industry since then and has a lot of Fans! A lot of people play this game be it a kid or an Adult. It is just so good that you wouldn’t want to leave it. Addictive as h*ll!

Okay, let’s get started on the tutorial!

How to Hack Battle Cats?

How to Hack Battle Cats

As I said above, our developers have coded a hack tool which lets you add unlimited XP and Cat Food for free and it is very easy to use! As the game is played by varying people from different countries, we made sure that it was as easy to use as possible!

The hack tool was made in a month. Our coders put in a lot of efforts to get it up and running. We tested the tool for another month and asked a lot of Gamers to participate in the testing program. Since then, the hack tool has been working very good and has helped thousands of Battle Cats Players to generate free resources!

Since you want to add free resources too, just follow the instructions given below and you’ll know how to use the hack tool!

How to Use the Hack Tool?

Using this hack tool is a piece of cake! It is so easy that a 5-year-old can do it. We made sure that anyone could use it without any problems. The interface itself has everything listed there so you won’t need any instructions. But still, we will tell you, step by step, how to use the hack tool to hack Battle Cats!

  1. Visit our Generator by clicking here
  2. Enter your username and select the device where the game was installed. It can be Android or iOS.
  3. Click Next button and you will see a new Box.
  4. Select the amount of Cat Food and XP you would like to add to your Battle Cats Account. Make sure the Proxy is turned ON.
  5. Click Generate button.
  6. Wait for the loading and Hacking process to complete. Once it is done, you will be asked to verify your identity. Do it and you will have all the resources for FREE!

That’s all! You just added free resources to your account! Isn’t that easy? Well, don’t wait! Go and add free XP and Cat Food now.

Note – The verification process takes less than a minute and doesn’t require any sensitive information. Verification is there only to avoid exploitation of this tool as people use several bots to use it multiple times.

Does this Tool work for Android and iOS both?

Yes, this hack tool works for both the platforms. We found out that the game has the same database no matter where it was installed. Be it Android or iOS, the database where the amount of resources per account are stored are the same! So, we used our coding skills to get into the databases and BAM! We have this tool now.

So, if you were searching How to Hack Battle Cats on Android or iOS, you have come to right place!

Visit the generator by clicking the button below and you will then be taken to the Battle Cats Hack for Free!

The Battle Cats Hack - Access Generator