Update Battle Cats on Android or iOS!

How to Update Battle Cats?

If you are an avid player then you need to constantly update your game. Games that run on Android and iOS devices can easily be updated due to the ease of use given by the UI of these OSs.

If you have been playing the game without updating it, you may miss out on a lot of offers, new elements in the game, characters, weapons, and lots of stuff and trust me, you don’t want that to happen. Updating the games is very important and you should be doing that as often as possible and get the updates as soon as they are released. Be it Battle Cats or any other game, keep it updated.

Due to so many people using these Operating Systems (Android and iOS), the developers working on them try to keep everything simple so that all the age groups using these can OSs can use them properly without any problems. That’s why updating the games is also pretty easy.

A lot of game developers release Beta versions for a selected number of players. These players then get to play the updates before it is actually launched for the normal player base. This is very useful for the game companies to find out bugs in the updates that they roll out. There is a Beta version for Battle Cats too and you can find it and get access to it if there are still places open. If not, just wait for the normal version to roll out.

So, how to Update The Battle Cats?

It is quite simple. For Android, just visit the Play Store, search for The Battle Cats in the search bar and you will see the game come up at the first spot. Click on it and you will see a Green colored button with the text ‘Update’ written on it. Just tap that button and your game will start to update. That’s it for Android!

If you have the game on iOS, just visit the App Store and search for The Battle Cats in the search bar. You will again see the game at the first spot. Click on it and you will be taken to the game page which is a separate page. You will find an option to update the game from there. As soon as you click that button, the game will start to update.

That’s how you can update The Battle Cats on Android or iOS. Wasn’t that simple? Yes, it was.

Make sure you are always updated using this method above so you never miss out on free stuff, new characters (Cats), new abilities, weapons, etc. If you are an avid player and love playing Battle Cats and get stuck at some level or need Cat Food or XP but can’t afford to buy it through the game, make sure to check out our FREE Online tool that helps you generate resources for free! Just click here to read more about it. Have fun!